Ski & Snowboard Tuning & Maintenance

Ski & Board TuningBinding Adjustment

Ski & Board TuningBinding Adjustment

Our experienced staff is available for maintenance at both locations, and will turn your gear around in a professional timely manner so you can get back to slopes as soon as possible. If you need your equipment worked on give us a call, or reach out to us via the button below.



Service Price
Major: Base grind, p-tex, Stone Grind, Edge, Wax, Major Base Damage and core Shots add $15 (1st inch) +$5 per inch $65
Minor: Base Grind, Stone Grind, Edge, wax. Base Damage requires major tune. $55

Mini Tune: Edge & Wax

New Ski Tune: Base Prep, Detune, Wax $25
Hand Wax (Add Graphite +$5) $20
Epoxy Starts At $20
Phantom Wax $150
Labor Starts at $80 An Hour  

Binding Work

Service Price
Mount and Test $50
Adjust and Test $25
Snowboard Mount/Removal $10

Custom Boot Work

Service Starting Price
Shell Work $30
Liner Mold $30
Buckle Replacement $25
Boot Sole Replacement $15